XML Interface Options

Committed to innovative technology, Omni Data Retrieval has developed multiple interface options for XML data exchange in an effort to provide faster, more accurate public record information.


  • Automated Data Exchange
  • Custom Data Tags and Content Filters
  • Increased Availability of Reports and Status Updates
  • Web-based Connection for a Paperless Process
  • No Double Entry

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Accio Data

Accio Data is the industry’s most powerful, flexible employment screening software platform, supported by unwavering customer service.


BackChecked is dedicated, exclusively, to the task of providing state of the art systems technology to growing background screening firms.

Epic Concepts

Epic Concepts specialize in providing the technology and automation for obtaining and disseminating sensitive and sometimes private information.


ClearStar provides background and drug screening solutions that give critical data on applicants across many industries and businesses around the globe.


Deverus’ drive for innovating industry-changing solutions, knowledge of the industry, and unparalleled customer support help HR make critical hiring decisions using data for background checks like criminal records, education and employment verifications, drug and assessment testing, and more.


DigitalDelve has designed and deployed three specific products to meet the current needs of the background screening industry including products designed to accommodate retail and wholesale companies.


FRS LinXML provides background screening software and technology solutions by combining strong partnerships with incredible technology.


Using quality experience, simplicity, power, security, support, and compliance, TazWorks provides background screening solutions for every industry.

TeamScreen Solutions

TeamScreen Solutions is an information management specialist committed to providing fast, accurate and inexpensive search information for pre-employment screening needs.


We have a team of developers that can assist with custom integrations, connecting our system to yours using our XML specifications or those you provide to us.