Why Choose Omni’s Public Record Retrieval Services?

Omni Data Retrieval understands what it takes to be a screening company’s trusted source for public record information. We focus on providing quality information and providing information solutions that integrate seamlessly into your screening business.


At Omni Data Retrieval we know that our success is based on delivering high quality information quickly and at a reasonable price. Omni’s specialized records personnel ensure that our clients fully understand what criminal record content is discovered and how the information can impact their businesses.

Turnaround Times

Data is only relevant if our customers receive it in time for it to be useful.

Omni Data Retrieval takes pride in providing our screening customers with fast and accurate information. Omni maintains full time in-house retrieval staff as well as a network of public record information retrievers offering retrieval service throughout the United States.

Our national turnaround time is extremely consistent. We provide detailed Intelligent Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) information within 24 hours.


Our pricing is competitive. We know that if we can provide the highest quality product at reasonable rates, our customers will return and refer us to others. In our quest to save our customers time and money, we work with each individually to design the best pricing package for their needs. Contact us and we will walk you through the pricing process.


Omni Data Retrieval is dedicated to continually improving the delivery of information to background screening companies. Developed with an eye toward this goal, the operations system at Omni is a web-based, client and vendor accessible application, providing 24 / 7 access and availability to information located for our screening clients.