Omni Data Retrieval supplies up-to-date criminal research to background screening firms faster with innovative technology solutions. The reliable research we provide can be easily managed using our Web-based Application or with our multiple XML interface options.  

Web-based Application:

Clients access our Web-based Application to quickly request, track and retrieve real-time criminal research results. Omni Data Retrieval's user-friendly website increases our clients' operational efficiencies by providing daily status updates, administrative reports, and paperless invoicing.

ETA 2.0 Solution:

ETA 2.0 provides "live" estimated time of arrival (ETA) information on all search requests. This solution eliminates the need for urgent calls requesting status updates on pending searches. Our ETA 2.0 service option helps our clients reduce internal labor costs and improve operational efficiencies.

XML Interface Options:

Committed to innovative technology, Omni Data Retrieval has developed multiple interface options for XML data exchange in an effort to provide faster, more accurate background research reports.

Interface Options Available



  • Automated Data Exchange
  • Custom Data Tags and Content Filters
  • Increased Availability of Reports and Status Updates
  • Web-based Connection for a Paperless Process
  • No Double Entry

Learn more about our seamless technology opportunities by contacting an Omni representative at 877.257.0054 or sales@omnidataretrieval.com.

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